Saturday, September 10, 2011

New source for crafter projects

Detail of "Precious Baby" quilt. 
    I’ve just begun to post calligraphy projects in a new venue, on a website my publisher’s has specially tailored for crafters.  My first project is on view at  In it I suggest a list of the Swahili words for "joy," "yes," "food is life," and "together," that will help you celebrate occasions.  It links to 27 printable African-themed letter templates on my website

   As a sample, I’ve created a quilt with the words “Thamani Mtoto” (Swahili for Precious Baby) appliqued in African fabrics. 
    I’ll be adding more projects based on my new book Learn World Calligraphy, in response to reader interest and my own favorite themes.   Let me hear from you about calligraphy projects that interest you and what you have made with letters. 

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