Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 6, Countdown to February 14, Endless Love

"Our love is forever; it never will end"
This simple paper loop is heart-warmer that also is a brain-teaser.  You can write this promise on two sides of a strip of paper and fasten the ends, to make a one-sided Möbius strip that has no beginning and no end.
How to:
  • Choose any text of 35-45 letters and spaces, depending on the style of letters [Celtic is shown here]; 
  • Divide message in two; 
  • Write the first half on one side of a strip of paper 3/4" x 6"; 
  • Start the second half of the message upside down on the back of the beginning of the first half, leaving 3/8" overlap to glue the ends.  
  • Fasten ends together with half a twist
Those who remember meeting this paradoxical figure in grade school may also recall that if you cut it carefully in half the long way, it turns into two interlocked rings.   It's especially nice for party favors or wedding souvenirs. 

I have also seen this rendered in silver as a Möbius strip bracelet, and in a smaller size as a Möbius strip ring. 

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