Monday, January 21, 2013

Calligraphy Every Day 18: 26 x M, plus 1 L, 1 K

Today the usual alphabet is reduced--or magnified--to one letter in 26 versions.  The letter M is particularly useful in this week of focus on sending handwritten mail.  It initializes Mr, Mrs, Ms, and Miss.  
(And you'll need L and K to celebrate the initials of one of America's heroes.)

 Of course M starts my name, too, and a surprising number of my friends'.  Here's a shoutout to Marilyn, Mariana, Maura, Mary, Mahala, Marion, Martha, Molly, Miriam, Mike, Martin, and other M s--you know who you are. 

These 26 Ms are just the tip of the iceberg, dashed off quickly with just one size of one broad-edged pen. Future one-letter alphabets will feature different pens.  

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