Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Calligraphy Every Day 20: Copper

It's National Handwriting Day in the USA. Chosen to commemorate the birthday of John Hancock, whose oversized signature on the Declaration of Independence was aimed at the king of England so he could read it without his glasses, January 23 reminds us that the handwritten word is still important in the modern world.

If you think it's a lot of trouble to send a properly-written thank you note or condolence letter, think about the high standards our ancestors rose to in the past, with Copperlight calligraphy shown here.

This alphabet is actually easier for left-handers!  Right-handers use an angled pen nib holder to make the slanted strokes smooth to write. 

The little squiggle under John Hancock has a name: it's a paraph, which made a signature harder to forge. 


  1. Have just found your blog and pinterest page today. Such a great collection of thoughts and lessons! Your talent is immense. I can barely muster a chancery alphabet, you've inspired me to practice.

  2. I am an art teacher in an elementary school. I am writing the names for their graduation certificates and found your blog. I'm using copperlight for the names, it looks great! Thanks for the suggestion!