Sunday, January 6, 2013

Calligraphy Every Day: Weekly project 1

Storing your holiday treasures--every last one
Now is a good time to gather up all those holiday decorations and put them away for 11 monthsBut if your house behaves like mine, Christmas cleanup begins to resemble an Easter egg hunt, where you come across hidden and lost decorations for days afterwards.  Maybe weeks. 

I'm a big fan of the temporary bin--an open basket or box designated to corral things that turn up, because we all know that you'll find the last tree ornament and creche figurine the day after you close the storage box and trundle it up to the attic.   

Bins and labels help keep your cleanup from unraveling.  To make a clean sweep and round up the strays, hold the last items neatly for a few extra days in a container that you have tagged with a pretty label in one of your newly acquired calligraphy scripts.  Happy de-holidaying!   
Instead of a plain label, you could also tag your basket with letters on the back of a recycled Christmas card. 
PS: This approach works for any big sorting project--giving you the satisfaction of nearly finishing 99% of the job while the last few stragglers show up

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