Sunday, January 13, 2013

Calligraphy Every Day Weekly Project 2: Recipe collection

Though most of us find and collect recipes on line now, there's still something precious about a recipe written in the handwriting of someone you love.  You can set about starting a collection of favorite recipes by copying them onto classic 3" x 5" cards.  Collect them in a file box, or punch them and string them on a ribbon. And enjoy using them for a gift, a family legacy, a fundraiser, or a decoration; or just cook your family's favorite meals.  

This is a simple collection of recipes I put together when my children, away at college or in their first apartments, called home for ingredients in dishes they remembered and wanted to make themselves.  To fit everything in, I lettered them larger than final size.  We pulled them together into a collection that made nice  favors at an anniversary party commemorating "35 good years and some great ones." 
You don't have to stick to a standardized format. Whether your recipes call for ten words or two hundred, get them down in your own designs. Enlist your friends, relatives, co-workers, fellow volunteers, or neighbors, to create something unique.  
Two different layouts.
Your recipes do not actually have to be for things that you eat.  Make a permanent, appealing record of anything you need to measure. 

These illustrations are borrowed from Margaret Shepherd's Calligraphy Projects for Pleasure and Profit, now out of print Calligraphy Projects

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