Monday, February 18, 2013

42: Shady Gothic

Shady Gothic was all the rage about 100 years ago, adding extra ornateness to diplomas and awards.  

Leave plenty of space between the letters to allow for the gray "dropped" shadows. 


  1. Hello Margaret. Is the grey shading done with a calligraphy pen/marker also or is it done with a monoline pen???? Thanks. Linda E.

  2. You caught me--this time I did it with a silver marker "American Crafts" brand, M, that I've been trying out from Paper Source. I like to use simple, easily-available materials to make the alphabets inclusive for hobbyists. No swans' quills and hand-ground ink for this level of fun. For a professional piece with a client, I would use diluted gray pigmented ink [maybe FW brand] in a broad-edged pen held at a reverse 45° angle.
    Let me, and other readers, know how this works for you.