Sunday, February 3, 2013

Calligraphy Every Day Project 5: Calligraphy in a ring

Letters that follow around a circle have a special appeal.  And special problems; I learned early on that many of my readers found it an imposition to be asked to read upside down.  People who wouldn't boggle at taking a peek at some juicy bit of text upside-down on your desk will suddenly get all literal when confronted with a few Italic letters. It helps if you work with a familiar text, and let them supply the rest of the text in their head once they recognize it.  

Here's a nice design for wedding graphics: a gift, a cover for an order of service, or a decoration for the invitation.  
While you're at it, don't wait for a wedding.  It makes a lovely cover for an anniversary invitation, or a gift to your dedicated, in-house Valentine.  Enjoy!   
The inner circle is anchored firmly with simple Roman caps that allow the Italic outer circle to vary the stroke. (When the line of lettering deviates from horizontal, Upright Italic works better than slanted, as a rule.) The extended swashes are just frosting on the cake. 

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