Saturday, March 16, 2013

63: Super Celtic

Celtic scribes loved to stretch and elaborate their letters.  This alphabet, Super Celtic, is adapted from the many letter forms to be found in the intricate Book of Kells.


  1. I love that you share a different lettering every day~thank you kindly for your generosity! I enjoy receiving your e-mails for your blog! Keep up the great work~I am a hugh fan and you have inspired me more then words can say~I have since done a lot of research on lettering since I have been on your page, and if it was not for you I do not think I would have otherwise!!!!!! Have a beautiful blessed day~Happy Saint Patrick's Day~light and love to you and all…..~namaste~

  2. Thank you a million times for the encouragement. It's really fun to have this challenge every day. Spread the word. I'll be posting something green tomorrow. [BTW I'm teaching art students and teachers in Vietnam this month. They are awesomely hardworking and have a good aesthetic sense.]