Thursday, March 21, 2013

67: Bright Idea Vernal Equinox

March seems like forever...and then suddenly it's Spring!  Today the days even out to the same length, and the sun is halfway to being straight overhead.  In honor of this, here is an alphabet, Bright Idea [Vernal Equinox Version], made of shadows cast by a light source at upper left.  
I have shown the "invisible" upper edge only on the letter A.  Your mind supplies that edge itself when it sees the shadows cast elsewhere.  
Start with a simple block letter; lay a second sheet of paper over it; hold your pen at a negative 45° angle; and trace the lower right edges of the strokes.  Left-handers can position the alphabet as shown; right-handers can rotate the paper to reconcile the pen angle with a comfortable hand position.   
Suitable for lefties. 

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