Friday, April 26, 2013

97 Bright Idea Overhead

Bright Idea Overhead celebrates Arbor Day today, when we think about planting trees.  Trees turn sunlight [from overhead] and water into shade and clean air, while they give us a real sense of passing time.  This alphabet somehow uses a flat black letter stroke to imply an invisible 3-D letter.Create the illusion of an edge by adding strokes with a thick and thin pen, using translucent paper laid over a simple alphabet.  Below, A B C D and N O P Q have been shaded.

Use simple fat capitals, and hold your pen at 90°.  I find it easier to turn the whole paper one quarter turn.  If the missing parts of the letter that don't cast a shadow seem too absent to help you read, then you can try a letter that has more curve, that leans, or that has simple serifs to catch the light.  (For instance, try Fat Caps from January 3).  

Preview of tomorrow's alphabet.  

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