Sunday, April 14, 2013

Your own design project

This post is borrowed from my book Using Calligraphy, which offers calligraphers lots of practical advice--whether they sell their work or write for a hobby.  I'm a strong advocate of spending extra time on the first drafts, until you find one* that fits the physical text and reinforces the meaning.  Sleep on your nearly-finished design.  And use the more important end of your pencil--the eraser.  

*And not always just one.  In a further design step, you may find that a favorite quotation inspires something quite different in you some weeks, months, or years later.  I keep coming back to this one, in a way that the quotation itself describes, and try it again now and then with different results.  I plan to think about more designs, and hope to see it some day for "the thousandth time."   
From Using Calligraphy, and still good advice.  

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