Saturday, May 11, 2013

110 Retouched Roman

When you write very formal Roman capitals with a pen, it's almost impossible to resist neatening them up, as shown here with Retouched Roman.  Our eyes are so accustomed to seeing the perfect letters of carvings and typography, that the original hand-written caps may look a little shaggy.  
The alphabet here suggests where you can sharpen your calligraphy for formal purposes, when you have just a few letters or a few words.  But don't try to pretend your ink on paper is mechanically perfect type or an inscription.  Refer back to Friendly Roman, which lets your letters written by hand act natural.  
The original calligraphic letters are diagrammed here in gray, with the improved serifs and joins added in black.  You'll need a narrower pen [using of course, the same color of ink], or the corner of your broad-edged pen.  

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