Friday, May 17, 2013

115: Seven-Eleven segment Display

I've been rethinking this alphabet ever since 1985 when I presented it in Calligraphy Now, right up to the most recent version yesterday.  Today, in 7-11 Segment Display, a more convenient style, I have added 4 diagonals to the 7 original strokes, to make all the letters accessible and to help you mix letters with numerals without ambiguity. 

☞ For left-handers.   

Note how you have to hold the pen at 90° or 0° to make the diagonals harmonize with the shape of the horizontal and vertical strokes.
Keep your eye on the white space that is formed by strokes near each other but not touching.  You will need extra care where verticals and horizontals meet diagonals.    
T is still easier with the vertical strokes centered.  I think Q is cooler if the diagonal is shortened to fit inside rather than stuck on outside.   
You can experiment with other ways to build letters and make them more legible.  
If you don't use them with numerals you can do without the diagonals in S and Z.  By the way, here are the numerals:


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