Wednesday, May 29, 2013

125 Assorted Gothic Capitals

Gothic capitals are drawn with many shapes, scenes, serifs, and styles.  Here is an assortment of 26 ways to decorate an initial.  For the basic shapes, you can refer back to Versals (April 29) and Versals in Circles (May 6).  

The alphabet below first appeared in my basic book Learn Calligraphy .  You might enjoy printing it out and coloring it in. Use bright primary colors, plus gold or silver.  

Today, by the way, is considered by academic historians to be the ending of the middle ages, as the day in 1453 when Constantinople was conquered by the Turks.   
Because so many medieval capitals are built on similar shapes and resemble each other, you can easily modify, flip, or rotate one to look like another.  Change N to H,  D to C,  G to O, M to W.  

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