Sunday, May 5, 2013

Calligraphy Circles Project

I'm fond of letters laid out in a ring. The design gives whatever quote you choose an air of completeness, and the form is satisfying to the eye.  
Below: The swashed ascenders will look better if they all extend to the same height, and also extend sideways to evenly fill up the ring without gaps or clumps. 
If you think your readers need help, break the quote into two parts so that none of the words need to be read upside down.  
Using several kinds of letters in concentric rings will give intriguing contrast.
[See also February 3, Calligraphy in a Ring.] 

The month of May means we are coming up on wedding season.  You can choose more uplifting text,  a favorite scripture,, or the couple's names to arrange in one circle--or interlocking circles--for a "signature" motif for a wedding.   

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