Tuesday, June 25, 2013

148 Coopy lc

Keep the serifs short--about half a circle should extend beyond the vertical.  
Coopy lc lets you add small letters to the Coopy Caps you learned on June 12.  This style, so evocative of mid-century America, uses my favorite Speedball D nib.   

As shown above, the solid strokes are written with a 0° pen angle; the outlined strokes are written with the pen at 90°; the cross-hatched strokes are written with the pen at 45°. 

You may find that, at less than 3 pen widths, the overall ratio of pen width to letter height is just too heavy, and you may want to lighten the caps to let the small letters breathe.  The letters here are about as heavy as they can be, and will still look appealing at 4 pen widths tall.  

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