Monday, July 1, 2013

153 Stencil

I made this alphabet for a project.  (That's why some of the letters look "used.") Now I'm trying to remember what the word was.  I'll send a calligraphy reward to the reader who can figure it out.    
Stencil letters can be simple cut-outs, or you can take them a few steps further to include thick and thin strokes and decorative swashes.   

They have a physical reality about them that forces you to separate them into strokes, so that the internal spaces stay connected to the external spaces.  Don't isolate any pieces!  

You can fill in the letters using spray paint, airbrush, a stiff brush, or, for these letters, a device from Crayola that transforms a marker into an airbrush.  


  1. Angelic Storm is my favourite from using the letters just once, but there are many others. American Glasnost would be kind of funny from using the letters more than once. General Somatic?

    Or maybe you did the project cheaply: "Margaret costs nil"? :-D

    But you said "the" word, so I am guessing only one? Tricky.

  2. Well, technically you solved the puzzle though none of these sound like a freelance job I've done. I'm hoping it will come to me in the middle of the night. Meanwhile--how do I get your prize pen to you? I know which one to send! i've got a friend crossing the Atlantic in late July.