Sunday, July 21, 2013

Your birthday

I have a birthday coming up soon.  Like many summer kids, I never got to bring cupcakes to class for my friends.  Now I can share this calligraphy cupcake instead. 
This design arranges a short poem by E. E. Cummings to form a little birthday cupcake with candles and frosting. 

Note that the poet did not spell his name without capitals.  He was just very picky about what he chose to capitalize, which gave him an undeserved reputation for using all lower-case letters.  His typography was deliberate, too; for instance, he often did not leave spaces after commas, parentheses, or periods.  

I tried shaping the curve of the frosting freehand, but finally used an ellipse template.  The sharp corners of Gothic seemed like the best letters for the green pleated cupcake paper.  My resident physicist points out that the candle flames should actually point straight up... 

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