Tuesday, August 13, 2013

190 Flopped Roman

Flopped* Roman goes out to classically-minded non-conformists, on International Left-handers' Day.  You know who you are....

You can write perfect Romans from the best models some 2000 years ago, without turning your arm or the page.  Yes, they're simply a mirror image of right-reading Roman.  Write them on the back of glass for signs; design wood blocks for printing; or just create beautiful calligraphy, scan it, and flop it.

*Flopped is a bona fide graphic design term, now described as "flip horizontal." The first specification I ever attached to a photo was "flop, crop, and bleed to the gutter."   

Even if you write from the right, try today's flopped version just to give yourself a taste of what the other 15% has been coping with in a right-handed calligraphy world.

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