Friday, August 16, 2013

193 Friendly Split

You'll need to pay extra attention to the ends of the 
strokes.  And notice that the joins at upper 
left of B, D, E, F, P, and R are different from 
classical Roman.  
This lovely letter style lets you transform Friendly Roman (April 24) into an outlined alphabet I've named Friendly Split. Like the other outlined alphabets this week, you do not draw it freehand, which NEVER convinces the viewer's eye, but write it with a two-pronged pen.

To make a light, accurate, and reliable outlined stroke, you need the right pen.  This one is adapted from the five-pointed music staff pen that used to be the easiest way to rule off parallel lines for writing musical notes. I used wire cutters to remove points 1, 2, and 4.  You could experiment with other configurations, including all five points, as seen in Staves (March 25).  It makes a big letter but the lines are clear.  

In lieu of adapting a music pen, you could try a scroll pen, a notched marker, or two sharpies rubber-banded together.  But keep the points narrow in relation to the width of the stroke, or you'll be into a group of Stripey alphabets (see July 17).    

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