Tuesday, October 8, 2013

237 In the Pink

These letters are cut out with zig-zag pinking shears.  You can try your own version, contrasting positive and negative space,  mixing colors, and layering them to intrigue the eye.  I made this one in a hurry; I'm sure you could take this idea much further.  


  1. Oh my goodness! What a fun idea! What's the base fabric you used? It looks like a felt of some kind except the letters are lighter; I presume that's the reverse?

  2. I am from the era of the very simple "fixative blower," a little device made of two tubes at a right angle that acts as a primitive aerosol sprayer. It's like an airbrush that runs on your own breath and blows any ink you immerse the vertical tube in. Here I did several different hues on paper, to make two greens.

    1. ~blink~ That is seriously cool.

      Do please let me know if you do any workshops in or near Chicago. I am SO there. :) (Sorry to slip into colloquialisms, but I am seriously geeking out right now.)