Friday, October 11, 2013

241 Raised Roman

In Raised Roman, the imagined edges of an invisible solid letter can be created by strokes of the broad-edged pen. 

  • Raised Roman is constructed by laying paper over a simple Roman alphabet.  Even a narrow pen (here, one eleventh of the letter's height) creates the illusion of depth.
  • The narrow pen actually makes corners easier to dovetail.  
  • Note the slightly flared serifs.   
  • Experiment with the pen angle to make the diagonals visible.  

I have always liked the imagery in this poem by Wallace Stevens.  Here, "the greenness of night lies on the page and goes Down deeply into the empty glass..."  I floated the lime green letters above a three-dimensional illusion made a Raised Roman alphabet. The title character is described as reading by his own light, an enchanting image, and the poem ends with "the fusky alphabet."

preview of tomorrow's alhabet.

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