Sunday, October 27, 2013

Yuck !

Sometimes you have to do ugly calligraphy to convey unappealing visual effects.  You'll have to work against your instincts and training.  

  1. Sit in an uncomfortable chair, at an inconvenient height. 
  2. Write with inappropriate, malfunctioning tools.  
  3. Wait until you are in a bad mood.  
  4. Turn on some music you loathe.  

There!  Write several repetitions of the alphabet, and choose all the worst letters for your final design.  We will look at examples of malligraphy, and how to write them, in the next days leading up till Halloween.  

Note: The next time you see lettering, calligraphy, or type that you really dislike, don't just tune it out; look at it and ask yourself "how did they do that?"  Figure out what pen they used, what writing surface, what technique.  Try the effect.  You never know where a new alphabet will lead you. 

I've been asked, "why would you want to write ugly letters?"  I think you can find a parallel in acting; actors generally have more fun playing bad guys because it takes better acting skills.   


  1. Wow! This just broke my brain. I love the concept; I also have to say the sign is brilliant and made me chuckle.

  2. i could do a whole year of YUCK alphabets....