Saturday, November 9, 2013

266 Post Medieval caps

This appears to have been overlooked and posted out of order.  It is the basis for Doodled Medieval Caps.  
Here is Post Medieval, which takes the essence of outlined medieval letters and dashes them off with insouciance and spontaneity.  I asked my cousin Fred Fiske, retired editor, to re-stage the caps he and my aunt Janet have made famous in the family.  Their wrapping paper usually doubles as gift card and chatty letter in our clan, and you can even draw aribbon to tie it.

After these casual caps arrived wrapped around a book, I requested a full alphabet.  Fred reports that it's easier to write without thinking too much.  A lot like life. 

☞ Note: this is marked as friendly to left-handers.  It actually is done by a left-hander. 

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