Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Calligraphic treasures from Helsinki neighborhoods

After last week's love note to visual Helsinki, are you wondering who could possibly be impervious to the Art Nouveau charms of Finnish architectural letters and numbers?  An ex-pat found the answer.  

Recently the American ambassador's wife, Cody Douglas Oreck authored a book* of photographs about those neighborhoods. Her motivation?  She says that when she told Finnish friends how much she liked the inventive facades, they looked puzzled, because they take their enchanting cityscape for granted.  It should make you pay better attention to what you might be overlooking in your own neighborhood.  

*(Unfortunately, it's now very out of print.  You can get it in a Kindle version.  Storybook Helsinki)  

Sorry about uneven tone.  Still mastering this skill.  
Art Nouveau has its own special flavor in Finland, showcased in its hundred-year old building facades.  Now I wonder if the graffiti have their own special Finnish style, too?  


  1. The number symbols is absolutely perfect. It looks like from old fairy tales. I will make the same for my house in russia. Thank you for the post.