Monday, April 4, 2016

Madrid street numerals

I saw these numbers recently on the streets of Spain.  The 17 at right is a particularly ornate example of the many tile numbers that designate homes and businesses.  

Left, a favorite Spanish color scheme of blue, turquoise, yellow, and gold--also a favorite Moorish palette.  

Below, a metal 4 has pleasing curves.  And an almost unreadable 13 (?) challenges interpretation.  

And these three were from tile, for house numbers in Toledo; very standardized but appealing, nevertheless.  

I've collected several more numerals from Segovia. One is carved in granite, with both strength and elegance, on the base of a statue.  Two are included simply for their color.   


  1. Thank you so much for posting, for noticing, for caring! My mom loves art and calligraphy and we get to live in Madrid for 6 months next year! So excited to show this to my mom!

    We are also going to Africa this summer and saw your post about African alphabet. Loved that too!

    Wondering how I can tie all this into a Mother's Day gift for her. Any ideas? Calligraphy supplies? Inspirational books? Your blog? Thank you! Lisa

  2. Writing paper, stamps, a nice pen are good for Mothers Day. I love my Rotring ArtPen calligraphy 1.1 point. Just saying.
    And thank you for responding. I never know if people are interested in my musings and wanderings. Maybe you'd like to guest-blog for me if you see good letters in Africa.
    Enjoy Spain. Calligraphers there include David Quay and Joan Quiros., who have amazing eye for street letters. Check them out on FB.

  3. So exciting to see your response! Thank you! Great gift ideas. I'll take your word for the good pen recommendation!
    As I was scrolling through your other African posts, came across the quilt idea! So excited to make one! We are going to be God-parents to a new baby born while we are in Kenya and Ethiopia so what a perfect gift! Hoping to purchase some fabric there to bring home to stitch!
    Such an honor to be a guest- blogger on your site! So thoughtful of you to consider it! I will certainly keep beautiful letters in mind and get in touch with you when we return, late July 2016.
    Thank you again for responding and such inspirational ideas!