Sunday, April 17, 2016

Two Spanish calligraphers and their eye for letters

I was lucky to meet Spanish calligrapher Juan Quiros in Valencia, and talk about freelancing, his life as a calligrapher, and the rich assortment of letters he sees on walks around the city.  The picture shows us having tea in the Colon Market.  

Joan and several like-minded friends have opened my eyes to all the other letters I can see if I manage to come back some day.  
On Facebook, David Quay has the eye of a genius for beautiful and interesting Spanish letters.  I wish I'd seen this letter-artist's stream of wonderful photos.  Evidently I just scratched the surface of the riches offered by signage in Valencia and Barcelona.  Next time!  
Interested calligraphers can friend them on Facebook and follow their urban letters.  

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