Saturday, June 25, 2016

Chubby columns, from Helsinki doorways

Entrance to the Uspenskin Cathedral. 

Yogi Berra said it: "You can observe a lot just by watching."  In the process of looking for numerals and letters on the street, I've started noticing other architectural treats, such as Helsinki's imposing pillars. Many Finnish buildings feature these stubby, powerful, and decorative columns in doorways and on facades. They really look like they are up to the task of bearing heavy weight.  
It's really fun to see those chubby granite pillars from the front get copied in brick at the side door, and again in the back.  

Above, brick rendition of granite pillars, Uspenskin cathedral.  

In a nearby neighborhood, this doorway facade bundles several pillars together.  If you look up close you see lions in those carved doors.  

A neoclassical pillar, right, has an Art Deco capital.  

And from Turku, at right, this massive column anchors the corner of a building.  The decoration along its top is unlike any classical order.  


Now I have a new mission--to go back and take a second look at all the neighborhoods where I was concentrating on numerals and letters, and didn't pay proper attention to the columns.  

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