Tuesday, February 26, 2019

An Abecedary to Color: Z

Click here for a full-size page
to print out and color in.  
Z* is for Zoë, Zack, Zelda, Zappa, and zowie!  
And Z is for ZOO.  So here are a group of animals who are happy to pose on your last page of letters.  You can color them in with natural colors or choose some outlandish combinations. Try contrasting colors that make the zebra stand out or pick related ones that help him disappear.  

Thanks for taking me along on this colorful journey from A to Z. Time for a nap.  

This letter reminds me of a family story.  My father was born in England, naturalized in Canada, and finally  became an an American citizen.  He used to describe how border agents liked to trap people like him--for no particular reason--when they crossed over.  They'd ask the suspect to spell something out loud, and catch them up when they pronounced Z as Zed. He had erased everything British from his speech while a teenager, then cleared out his Canadian "eh" and "hoose" in his twenties, but this one always tripped him up.