Wednesday, March 24, 2021

American Calligraphy #13: The sight of music

While early 20th-century American companies were pioneering recorded music, talented graphic artists were  creating covers that helped sell them to an expanding public. Designer Jim Flora, (1914-1998) for instance, was famous for covers where the letters seemed to dance. His style made the rhythms of South American music visible--and irresistible--to potential customers for more than two decades. Everyone loved his catchy style, generating so many imitations that his website even had to include a section called "Not Jim Flora".

The letters "USA" above are
inspired by "Samba with Cugat"
and "Tango with Cugat." 
 Eventually the album covers of the 1950s became today's collectors' items. They offer a wealth of gorgeous graphic design from a century of American music. 


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