Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Countdown to Valentines Day: 14 ideas that say “I love you” with pen and ink

Cupid can shoot with a pen as easily as with an arrow. 
     A love letter is like a hug that's delivered on paper; it’s welcome anytime, but especially for Valentine’s day.  In the two weeks leading up to February 14, I'll offer you 14 different ways to express yourself on paper with sincerity and originality.  You may discover something to make this Valentine's Day an occasion that you'll both remember for years. 
    No love note will be exactly like another because you put so much of yourself--and your beloved--into what you write and how you write it.  Compared to a greeting card, box of candy, or bunch of flower, nothing else can be quite as warm or as intimate as your own words, written with your own hand.  Although you can try these tips with materials that you have on hand, you’ll expand your creativity if you invest in an inexpensive calligraphy marker or two, and look for some appealing paper.  Some of these valentines also make fun projects with children. 
    Check every day for a new way to write, to tell the person you love about how you feel.    Try each idea, or just choose the one that best expresses your love. 

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