Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 1, Countdown to February 14, Writing a love letter

Set the scene for writing words that count: provide yourself with beautiful materials, a cup of tea, favorite tunes as background music, and a comfortable chair.   Keep a picture or memento nearby of the one you're writing to.    
Tomorrow, we'll think about the paper you write on.

    You can find more suggestions in my books, about choosing paper, pens, and words: The Art of the Handwritten Note and The Art of the Personal Letter, both from Random House.

You may not be nimble enough to write on your lap while you sit in a garden, but at least looking at a view is good for your eyes.  Here, an Arabic scribe envisions his beloved watching him.  This illustration comes from my book Learn World Calligraphy, Random House. 


  1. When my husband and I were temporarily living on separate coasts, I would often take a sniff of his cologne before writing a letter.

  2. That's a wonderful tip. A new book by Gordon Shepherd, Neurogastronomy, cites the sense of smell as more important and complex than all the others.

  3. Thanks for this awesome guidance. This is workable.

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