Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 8, Countdown to February 14, Good-enough handwriting

There’s no need to be shy about sending “I love you” in your own handwriting; it expresses you just as much as your voice or face does.  Your beloved is probably less critical of you than you are. 
Like your face, however, a few simple steps can enhance its appeal and help it look its best. 

1.  Here’s your handwriting, without any help.
2.  Add a little weight to the line by using a wider pen.
3.  Try a fountain pen with a point such as a “signature stub” that varies the line width a little.

4  A light calligraphy point will also vary the line width in a regular way. 

5.  A broader calligraphy pen point will let you experiment with historical styles like Italic...
...or Celtic.

Tomorrow, we'll progress from "good-enough handwriting" to "much better handwriting." 

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