Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 9, Countdown to February 14, Much better handwriting

Start with your basic ballpoint handwriting. 
If you’re really ambitious about helping your handwriting speak eloquently for you, spend some time learning to use a “crowquill” pen.  This flexible metal nib varies from thick to thin when you press down or let up.

Just varying the line width makes your script infinitely more appealing. 
You’ll be amazed how much easier it is to write script when you have guidelines.  You can erase them after your black ink dries.  Add slant lines at 60° to keep your letters leaning the same direction.  
Dip the pen into ink just above wherethe slit ends, and then wipe off the excess. 
Choose paper with a hard surface, and be careful on the upstroke
to avoid snags that make splats. If you want to add pizzazz with colored ink,
put your guidelines on a thin sheet below your paper and backlight it to avoid
making pencil lines permanent where the strokes cross them.  

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