Thursday, January 31, 2013

Calligraphy Every Day 27: English Two-ply

This lovely version of the Roman alphabet, named after a knitting yarn called Two-ply, is appropriate for cold weather. (It makes a sweater that is warm but not super-warm.)  The letters are built of doubled lightweight strokes.  To keep them precise, watch the white space taking shape between them.  It's harder than it looks, but worth the trouble to dress up a few letters.  
Use a slender pen, at most one-tenth the width of the letter's height. 

This alphabet is illustrated along with many other original ABCs in Capitals for Calligraphy. 

We will come back to this style to vary the doubling in half a dozen different ways.  

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  1. It is rather difficult to mind the space between lines, but I think I found my favorite style in them. :)