Saturday, May 25, 2013

122 Blot

Rather than "Blot," a better name for this alphabet might be "Dribble."  India ink used to be sold in dropper-stopper glass bottles, which made it easy to fill your pen with a drop of ink from the side, rather than dip the nib and wipe off the excess each time.  It occurred to me that the dropper itself could shape some interesting letters.  
The illustration just shows some typical letters.  Everyone's letters will be different, every time. I can suggest that the fewer separate strokes you make, the more motion and individuality you'll create.  In the alphabet below, I particularly like E F H Q W Z.  But you'll have fun discovering your own favorites.   
You vary the weight of the line by squeezing out more or less ink, and by changing the writing angle from low to more vertical.    

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