Sunday, May 26, 2013

Many American ABCs

A timeless poem by an ancient Greek author is written in Greek-flavored Roman letters. 
It's Memorial Day weekend, which began as a holiday for families to honor past and present members of the American military, and has become an occasion for everyone to celebrate the opening of summer  vacation in America.
Being American often means coming from somewhere else.  So today I'm offering several projects using calligraphy that originated from outside the ABCs.
In Learn World Calligraphy the book, I coined the term "virtual alphabets" to highlight the use of calligraphic techniques from outside Europe to write words in the English language.
An event with a Russian flavor has a logo with Cyrillic calligraphy. 
A blend of Hebrew and Roman letters evokes the sound of Israeli music at an American college gathering.

Anytime you want to express your own identity on paper, the true American way is to blend writing from your own roots with the ABCs.

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