Thursday, November 7, 2013

264 Complex Medieval capitals

Complex Medieval builds on yesterday's Simplified Medieval.  Transform the letters with a mix of these six steps:
  1. Choose forms of E H M N T W that are less modern and more medieval.
  2. Exaggerate the contrast between thick and thin parts of curves.
  3. Make the outer curve a little sharper.
  4. Lower the corners of B D F P R...
  5. And extend their serifs, as well as those of P and H.
  6. Add a dramatic bulge and taper to one stroke in A H J K M N Q R T X Y Z
  7. An alternate M can be derived by rotating the W 180°.

This quotation starts with large caps carefully rendered in powdered gold paint, known as "shell gold."  The smaller red caps are heavier, more like yesterday's  Simplified Medieval. It ends with the attribution, to Fra Giovanni also in shell gold. 

I haven't shown the text lettering itself.  This was only the third piece of calligraphy I tried, back when I was a beginner.  Actually, I'm still a beginner...  

Preview of tomorrow's alphabet.

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