Monday, November 11, 2013

267 Doodled caps

Hard to improve on; you can try it out with your own doodle. 
Once you start to amuse yourself by dashing off drawn capitals, it's hard to stop.  Non-calligraphers, particularly, seem to rush up that learning curve to have fun with letter design long before they've learned the rules.  This means they invent GREAT alphabets.  

Here's my left-handed cousin Fred Fiske, giving yesterday's Post Medieval letters a handsome Deco look and then doodling inside the empty stroke [top row].  

OK: that's probably enough alphabets for a while based on Medieval Caps.  

Some taboos to try now and then in your calligraphy:
  • Use lined paper. 
  • Write with a thin marker.  
  • Walk off with hotel stationery. 
  • Hold a pen in your left hand....
  • Goof around.

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