Saturday, November 16, 2013

272 Coloring the countdown to Christmas

Like yesterday's Alphabet Advent calendar, today's ABC Advent calendar uses letters to map the road to December 25.*  A child can color in the line drawings on the outside of the little door, and then read the word for each letter; for instance, A is Angel and B is Bell.  
*If the numbers seem a little off, remember there's "No-El" in Advent.  Noel.  
If you only print out the line drawing, you'll miss the fun of opening each door.  You might enjoy drawing holiday pictures yourself, or helping your child brainstorm seasonal words for each letter. But --trust me--cutting those little doors will take time and patience.  So you might like to have the actual Advent calendar.  There's still time!  

The calendar is 8 1/2" by 14" on stiff card stock, and can be requested for $15 for one, or a much, much lower price for more than one, from shepherdmargaret5 [at]   

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