Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pricing your work: rights and reputation

The last two kinds of pricing come when you are really launched into your career, when you can sell your RIGHTS and your NAME.  
First, know your rights before you sell them. Your client's right to own and enjoy a piece of calligraphy does not include the right to reproduce it.  Prevent misunderstandings by spelling out just what the client is buying from you.  Familiarize yourself with a typical contract, and with the laws about copyright.  Add the line "Calligraphy © [your name]" to everything you sell.  And if you see someone using your work without permission, let them know that they need to have your permission.  
And be scrupulous about copyright yourself.  Don't use someone else's words without seeking permission.  Fair usage may cover a one-time hand-lettered copy, but if you reproduce a text in your own calligraphy, you'd better find the author and ask for permission.  

Really successful artists get to use their name to give their work extra value.  I don't think many calligraphers reach that peak, but it is worth keeping in mind that if you are famous in your vicinity. your name will add luster to any project in which your calligraphy plays a part.  

Enjoy getting famous, getting employed, and getting rewarded!  

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