Sunday, December 1, 2013

Simple gifts

It's the first morning of Advent, when we count down the days until Christmas.  NOT just the shopping days!  Many people spend a lot of energy, love, time, and money on the search for gifts to give; maybe too much sometimes. 

Over the next four Sundays--along with all the carols, scripture, and poems--let's keep in mind the Shaker hymn "Simple Gifts."  Words are the simplest but most precious gift we can give, and as calligraphers we have a way to gift wrap our nicest words and present them to the people who mean most to us.  

This month is a good time to give words as gifts, through holiday cards, pretty gift tags, personal notes, favorite quotes.  One Christmas I gave everyone note pads with their names written in calligraphy.  You could put names on cookies (see Frosting, January 27) or make personal decorated signs for a bedroom door.  

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