Wednesday, August 15, 2018

An Abecedary of Calligraphy Capitals to color in: A

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the full-size page.    
These capitals are free for you to print out and color in.  They first appeared a book I wrote and drew for Macmillan Publishing, Capitals for Calligraphy, which explains how to design a single letter and use it on the page.  Starting with these designs for A, I plan to post one page per week, giving you 156 letters from my collection of thousands.  Enjoy! 

Answers to FAQ: 

  • Abecedary is an antique word for “alphabetical collection.”  
  • The letter pages are copyright free for your own use.  Use them in your calligraphy projects.  
  • In the comments section, ask me anything.  
If you like historical lettering, check out my Pinterest board Beautiful Letters from the Past.

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  1. You are back! Missed your posts. Thank you for sharing the six letters A. The first one is such fun!