Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Abecedary to color: T

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full-page printable to color in.

 t  he letter T comes in three distinct forms: a rounded spiral coil with a flat top; a central upright with a bar across the top; and the lower-case curved upright with a bar just above the middle (shown as this paragraph's capital but not included in this page's selection).  

This Celtic T (which happens to have an angular U woven into it) is characteristic of the playful, elastic, and sometimes surreal letters to be found in the Book of Kells.  The fish looks more real once you've colored him in, but--what color is a fish? Try everything from golden orange to teal blue to silvery gray.  Whatever you choose, it's clear there is a fish on the page, in a kind of 3-D realism, if you can accept that he happens to be snared in the tail of a sea monster lurking below.     

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  1. Just discovered your blog in Pinterest while looking for inspiration for my own calligraphy and illumination work—and what a cool space you've made here! Your work is beautiful and your commentary is entertaining, elegant, and succinct. Thank you for sharing your gifts :)