Monday, July 22, 2013

171 Parasol

Parasol is a simple two-step alphabet lettered first with gray ink and then with black.  Use a thick, monoline pen nib and remember to leave enough space between letters for those second lines to fit.

NB: let the gray ink dry completely before you add the black ink.  

These letters differ from the series of shaded letters (Bright Idea Overhead April 26; Equinox March 21).  Parasol is not a solid that casts a shadow on its imaginary side, but a flat letter that casts a shadow on the "ground" a little below the plane of writing.  Just like an umbrella overhead at the beach or pool.    

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  1. For those who have difficulty finding the two posts mentioned, the links are:



    I happen to have a grey-blue ink lying around which I might use to compare with the neutral grey: natural shadows are blue-ish after all. And I do have monoline nibs!