Monday, September 9, 2013

213 Bare Bones Gothic

This Gothic alphabet is stripped to its essentials.  The outlined strokes are optional.  The dotted strokes help fill the space. 

Bare Bones Gothic reminds us that although Gothic capitals have a reputation for fussy ornateness, they are actually built on a simple framework.  Almost every letter is built on three strokes or fewer.
From Learn Calligraphy. 

Then you can decide how much to decorate them. Ornament can be sorted into five basic categories of extra stroke: 

  1. Banner
  2. Hairline, often the stem of the banner
  3. Doubled (and tied)
  4. Square that touches the stem of the banner
  5. Square that floats

Traditional scribes used simpler capitals within the text and more ornate capitals when time and space allowed.  

Simple letters deliver the most Gothic flavor for the fewest strokes, and provide a starting point for the increasingly ornate alphabets that follow later this week.  
Preview of tomorrow's alphabet.

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