Tuesday, September 10, 2013

214 Doubled Gothic caps

These come from the dozens of alphabets offered in my book Capitals for Calligraphy.  

These caps, Doubled Gothic, are built on yesterday's Bare Bones Gothic(left). Each letter holds a doubled stroke, tied together with two hairlines.  

You can of course try out your own designs for the basic letter structure.   I lettered this alphabet a couple of decades ago and I've written a LOT of Gothic capitals since; in retrospect, the doubled lines look a little close together.)  


  1. I like these, though I will use a variation of the F for my E to make it easier on the reader.

    But the last paragraph intrigues me: what is it like looking back at your art and your work after so long? Must be interesting. I have very little of my work from decades ago and even less of what only a very generous person would call 'art'.

  2. It's like looking at early drafts for a design. They don't quite do the job. A few really clunky designs are like someone you used to date; what was I thinking?!