Wednesday, March 2, 2016

We Hereby Resolve

Resolution is another crucial choice the calligrapher makes when assembling letters out of separate bits.  The fewer and larger they are, the faster the work will go; the more numerous and smaller they are, the smoother the contours of the letter will look.  
Letters can be made by dots at greater and greater resolution.  

We read grids every day, from needlepoint to digital fonts to football fans.  The human eye will do its best to read any collection of bits as letter: even a 5 x 5 grid can express  every letter of the alphabet without ambiguity; with a little awkwardness the numerals can be included; there is even leeway for a little decoration.  
The lightbulbs on the old Goodyear blimp are
easier to read from far away than up close.

Scale is also to be understood in relation to actual size: a small, low res letter is actually easier to read than the same letter blown up big.   

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