Monday, October 21, 2013

249 One with everything

Each letter has two colors, a gold dot, and a drop shadow.   

This one takes some explaining. 

A typical Book of Remembrance, from Canada. 
One of my first freelance clients was a company that supplied merchandise for churches--palms for Palm Sunday, bulletin forms for weekly services, choir robes, etc.  My task was adding names to "Books of Remembrance," big, ornate, leather-bound volumes that many churches maintained and displayed to honor their donors and supporters.  I had to continue their lists using the style of the original scribe, which meant that I ended up learning to imitate alphabets from as far back as 1910.  It was like doing archaeology and a historical re-enactment together.  

This was one of the most popular styles I encountered, which I call One with Everything.  I would NEVER suggest that you use this except as a heavy-handed way to suggest a bygone era, but you can load everything onto the alphabet just for fun.  And it makes your other freelance jobs seem easy.   


  1. My gosh, that is gorgeous! What a fantastic experience, though I'd've found it intimidating to be one of my first freelance jobs! (Mine were menus - much easier!) So you actually entered the names in the book? Did you have to wear gloves?

    That's so exciting. :)

  2. Ooooh, pretty! _And_ a great story to boot. Thank you so much (again!) for sharing.

  3. It seemed REALLY overdone at the time but it was simply a style from an era--the first half of the 20th century. And I couldn't let it evolve naturally into something more readable and up to date because it required continuity.